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Suited for:
Straw, Hay
Loader brackets:
Choice of welded or bolted

Bale fork for 4 bales

The STK-4 is an extremely robust straw fork that is typically used on heavy articulated loaders, front loaders, bulldozers and telehandlers. The outer tines of the bale spike are centered at 1.50m distance. The top of the frame consists of 2 removable tubes. These can be placed either in a high position, or in a low position, or even completely removed (useful when stacking under a ceiling). An additional advantage is that the attachment is screwed down, which makes it easy to change it afterwards within 10 minutes.


Number of tines 3
Tine length /m 1,10
Tine end M28
Tine diameter /mm 44
Centre-to-centre dimension of the outer tines /m 1,50
Total width /m 1,60
Height of the frame* /m 1,18
Min. total height** /m 1,55
Max. total height*** /m 2,20
Price (excl. VAT) On request

*      If the removable tubes are removed
**    If the removable tubes are placed in the lowest position
*** If the removable tubes are placed in the highest position


Extra tine - loose
4 tines instead of 3 tines
Removable tines (e.g. for taking out on public roads)
Outer tines at 1,30m center-center instead of 1,50m