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Straw, Hay
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Bale fork for 2 bales

The STK-2 is a bale fork typically used on articulated, skid-steer loaders, téléscopic loaders, front loaders… when loading two bales. The bale fork has three tines that are outside centre-centre at 1.10m. The attachment can be bolted on, making it easy to adjust the straw fork when changing to another loader (with a different hitch system).

If you are looking for a smaller or larger model bale fork for loading 1, 3 or even 4 bales, click on the link below:


Number of tines 3
Tine length /m 1,10
Tine-end M22
Tine thickness /mm 36
Distance c/c outside tines /m 1,10
Total width /m 1,25
Heigth of the frame /m 1,00
Price (excl. VAT) On request