loader For skid steer loader
loader For articulated loader
loader For telehandler
loader For tractor front loader
loader For big wheel loader
Min oil flow:
30 L/Min
Max oil flow:
125 L/Min
Max Pressure:
210 Bar
Loader brackets:

Concrete Mixer

With the BMix concrete mixer, you scoop the sand into the bucket (just like an ordinary scooping bucket). Then you throw a bag of cement on the grid. The sharp edges on the grid will cause the bag of cement to tear and the cement to reach the sand. Next, the ribbon mixers will mix the sand and cement (and possibly water) completely homogeneously. The bearings on this mixer are extremely robust and watertight. When everything is mixed, the mixture is unloaded:

1/ Dry mixture -> by tilting the bucket forward.

2/ Wet mixture -> at the bottom of the bucket at the round outlet (a long flexible tube can be mounted on this if necessary in order to deposit the mixture even more precisely and in places that are difficult to reach).


  • Made of wear-resistant steel
  • Watertight bearings on mixer
  • Hydraulically driven
  • Hydraulic slide under in the bucket (electrically operated 12V)


BMix 300 BMix 450 BMix 650 BMix 1000
Total width /m 1,28 1,42 1,82 1,90
Volume /m³ 0,30 0,45 0,65 1,00
Weight /kg 250 450 700 840
Price (excl. VAT) On request On request On request On request



Flexible tube (1.50m) attached with a coupling at the bottom of the opening of the bucket