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Min oil flow:
35 L/Min
Max oil flow:
60 L/Min
Max Pressure:
175 Bar
Suited for:
Maize/corn, Short grass (chopped), Separated manure, Lime-straw mixture, Lime-flax mixture, Chopped straw, Sawdust, Straw pellets, Compost, Wood shavings, Lime, Mixed roughage, Pressed pulp
Loader brackets:

Cubicle Bedder for lime-straw mixture, separated manure, chopped straw, lime, etc.

With the CV2R bedding machine of VDMJ it is possible to spread cow cubicles, horse stables, calf pens and other stables with various bedding materials such as lime-straw mixture, separated manure, sand, chopped straw, lime-flax mixture, wood shavings (sawdust), peat …

Also, this machine can be used to feed maize (corn), short grass, pulp (chunk), mixed feed …

The CV2R is also widely used in fruit cultivation where it is ideally suited for distributing compost to fruit trees.


  • Standard with 2 hydraulically driven distribution
  • Standard with motor protection valve
  • Conveyor belt spreads left and/or right
  • The OMK.H option is recommended for processing lime flow mixture
  • Type CV2R 2500 does not allow the processing of lime/chalk mixture
CV2RL 1400 CV2R 1400 CV2RL 1700 CV2R 1700 CV2R 2000 CV2R 2200 CV2R 2500
Scoop width /m 1,40 1,40 1,70 1,70 2,00 2,20 2,50
Volume /m³ 0,79 1,18 1,02 1,50 1,83 2,08 2,38
Weight /kg 490 580 560 635 693 805 912
Price (excl. VAT) On request On request On request On request On request On request On request



Reversible roller rotation direction recommended for lime/straw mixture (OMK.H)
Slide above both exits (recommended for sawdust and other fine products)
3 point linkage for tractor