For telehandler
For tractor frontlift
For tractor backlift
For big wheel loader
Min oil flow:
35 L/Min
Max oil flow:
75 L/Min
Max Pressure:
210 Bar
Suited for:
Maize/corn, Short grass (chopped), Concentrates, Mixed roughage, TMR, Pressed pulp
Loader brackets:

Floor Chain Bucket for short gras, pressed pulp, maize, concentrates, beets, ... -> 1 or 2 sides exit

The DTGK feed bucket is the larger version of the DTGXK. The forage is rotated to the side of the bucket via a robust floor chain. Here, a distribution roller takes the feed and distributes it to the outside via the door opening. Optionally, the bucket can have a door on both sides so that the feed can be distributed to the left or right.

At the customer’s request, the bucket can be equipped with a claw on top of the bucket to pull the feed into the bucket.


  • Distribution of short grass and maize
  • Distribution with floor chain 80/12
  • Distribution roller in door opening, separately driven by heavy-duty hydraulic motor, independent of floor chain
  • Hydraulic door on 1 side (2 sides is an option)
  • Electro-hydraulic control
  • Free return is recommended but not necessary


DTGK 2000 DTGK 2200 DTGK 2400 DTGK 2600
Total width /m 2,00 2,20 2,40 2,60
Volume /m³ 2,00 2,24 2,46 2,67
Weight /kg 940 1035 1125 1210
Possible 3 point linkage for tractor? No Yes Yes Yes
Price (excl. VAT) On request On request On request On request



  • Exit on two sides instead of one
  • Exit extension through rubber flap 25cm
  • Stainless steel bottom and back
  • 2-cylinder-clamp
  • 4-cylinder-clamp
  • Saw clamp
  • 3 point linkage for tractor (not possible at all widths, see table above)