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loader For articulated loader
loader For tractor front loader
Min oil flow:
35 L/Min
Max oil flow:
75 L/Min
Max Pressure:
210 Bar
Suited for:
Maize/corn, Short grass (chopped), Concentrates, Mixed roughage, Pressed pulp
Loader brackets:

Floor Chain Bucket for short gras, pressed pulp, maize, concentrates, beets, ... -> 1 or 2 sides exit

The DTGXK feed bucket is the smaller version of the DTGK. This machine is suitable for feeding short grass (max. 8 cm), maize, concentrates, … The forage is rotated to the side of the bucket via a robust floor chain. Here, a distribution roller takes the feed and distributes it to the outside via the door opening. Optionally, the bucket can have a door on both sides so that the feed can be distributed to the left or right.

At the customer’s request, the bucket can be equipped with a claw on top of the bucket to pull the feed into the bucket.


  • Distribution of short grass (max. 8cm), maize, concentrates, …
  • Distribution with floor chain 80/12
  • Distribution roller in door opening, driven by heavy-duty hydraulic motor
  • Hydraulic door on 1 side (2 sides is an option)
  • Electrical operation (joystick box)
  • Free return is recommended but not necessary


DTGXK 1400 DTGXK 1600 DTGXK 1800 DTGXK 2000 DTGXK 2200 DTGXK 2400
Total width /m 1,40 1,60 1,80 2,00 2,20 2,40
Volume /m³ 1,10 1,20 1,37 1,53 1,70 1,85
Weight /kg 510 580 650 720 790 860
Price (excl. VAT) On request On request On request On request On request On request



Exit on two sides instead of one
Exit extension through rubber flap 25cm
Stainless steel bottom and back