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Min oil flow:
30 L/Min
Max oil flow:
75 L/Min
Max Pressure:
210 Bar
Suited for:
Beets, Potatoes, Maize/corn, Short grass (chopped), Concentrates, Mixed roughage, Pressed pulp
Loader brackets:

Auger Bucket for short gras, pressed pulp, maize, concentrates, beets, ... -> 1 side exit

With a traditional auger bucket it is not possible to feed grass. However, the EV-4030 is no ordinary auger bucket. This machine has a large 400 mm outlet pipe with a 300 mm auger. Therefore, it is possible to feed short grass (max. 8cm) with this machine. Actually, this feeder is a real all-rounder. Maize, concentrated feed, short grass, beets, potatoes, … is no problem at all for the EV-4030.

As standard, the machine has straight sides. The exit tube will stick out +/- 25cm. If, for example, a trench silo has to be shovelled, the option ‘extended side’ is recommended.

To prevent bridging, the machine is fitted with an extra stirring auger as standard.



  • Distribution of short grass (max. 8cm), maize, concentrates, …
  • Chopping of beets and potatoes = option
  • 1 Auger Ø300
  • Driven by hydraulic motor and single chain 1″ reinforced on hardened sprockets
  • Plate thickness 6 mm
  • Exit left OR right
  • Stirring auger prevents bridging above the distribution auger


EV-4030 / 1500 EV-4030 / 1700 EV-4030 / 1900 EV-4030 / 2100
Total width /m 1,50 1,70 1,90 2,10
Volume /m³ 0,84 0,97 1,10 1,24
Weight /kg 695 720 760 790
Price (excl. VAT) On request On request On request On request



Extended side for easy scooping next to a wall (scooping width will be equal to total width)
Mechanical door closure on exit
Hydraulical door closure on exit
Beet- or potato blade - complete
Beet- or potato blade - supplied loose, without counter blade