EV Eco-300

loader For skid steer loader
loader For articulated loader
loader For tractor front loader
loader For tractor backlift
Min oil flow:
30 L/Min
Max oil flow:
75 L/Min
Max Pressure:
210 Bar
Suited for:
Beets, Potatoes, Maize/corn, Concentrates
Loader brackets:

Auger Bucket for maize, concentrates, beets, ... -> 1 side exit

The EV-300 feed bucket is suitable for feeding short or dry products such as (silage) maize, pulp, concentrates, beetroot, potatoes, carrots, etc. The machine is hydraulically driven and fits on a shovel as well as on a tractor. Optionally, a beet or potato blade can be provided for cutting root crops. The bucket can be provided with a door at the exit that prevents feed from falling out during transport.

As standard, the machine has straight sides. The exit tube will stick out +/- 25cm. If, for example, a trench silo has to be shovelled, the option ‘extended side’ is recommended.


  • Distribution of maize and concentrates
  • Chopping of beets and potatoes = option
  • 1 Auger Ø300 x 6 – 8 and at exit 10mm thick
  • Driven by hydraulic motor and single chain 1″ reinforced on hardened sprockets
  • Plate thickness 5 and 6 mm
  • Exit tube 8 mm thick
  • Exit left OR right
  • Wear strips welded at the bottom of the bucket
EV Eco-300 / 1400 EV Eco-300 / 1600 EV Eco-300 / 1800 EV Eco-300 / 2000 EV Eco-300 / 2200 EV Eco-300 / 2400
Scoop width /m 1,15 1,35 1,55 1,75 1,95 2,15
Total width /m 1,40 1,60 1,80 2,00 2,20 2,40
Volume /m³ 0,83 0,95 1,00 1,23 1,37 1,51
Weight /kg 450 490 530 570 610 650
Possible 3 point linkage for tractor? No No No Yes Yes Yes
Price (excl. VAT) On request On request On request On request On request On request



Extended side for easy scooping next to a wall (scooping width will be equal to total width)
3 point linkage for tractor (not possible at all widths, see table above)
Mechanical door closure on exit
Hydraulical door closure on exit
Beet- or potato blade - complete
Beet- or potato blade - supplied loose, without counter blade