For skid steer loader
For articulated loader
For forklift
For telehandler
For tractor front loader
For big wheel loader
Loader brackets:


This VDMJ rubber scraper is classically used for pushing away feed in the feed trough. Also for scraping mud, dirt, snow, wood chips, recyclables, etc. This version is not adjustable and works in one fixed, straight position. At the ends, there are bended corners that ensure no products slip through next to the rubber. The frame is always galvanised which increases its lifetime.


  • Galvanized
  • Rubber supports
  • Rubber dimensions 400×40 and 500×50
VMSV 1300 VMSV 1650 VMSV 2050 VMSV 2350 VMSV 2600 VMSV 2600V VMSV 3050V
Working width in straight position /m 1,30 1,65 2,05 2,35 2,60 2,60 3,05
Rubber height /mm 400 400 400 400 400 500 500
Beam behind rubber /mm 140x140x6 140x140x6 140x140x6 140x140x6 140x140x6 180x180x8 180x180x8
Price (excl. VAT) On request On request On request On request On request On request On request


  • Forklift insert