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Silage Fork

The VDMJ silage fork is used to distribute silage on the silo. Silage can be easily distributed as standard, but if maize needs to be distributed as well, it is advisable to equip the silage fork with maize-distribution-plates.

Besides the use on the silo, this fork can also be used to distribute large quantities of green waste such as branches, leaves, etc.

The SIV-2500 is a fixed frame with a width of 2.50m. The SIV-4160 and SIV-4740 have hydraulically foldable wings at the sides, allowing them to achieve widths of 4.16m and 4.74m respectively.


  • Heavy duty tines 980mm x 50mm
  • Side wings with 3 tines 800mm x 40mm mounted vertically
  • Extra wear bar under the tine bar 200x20mm
SIV-2500 SIV-4160 SIV-4740
Working width /m 2,50 4,16 4,74
Transport width /m 2,50 2,95 2,95
Height /m 1,40 1,40 1,40
Number of tines on the centre frame 9 9 9
Number of tines on the wings (horizontal) 3 4
Number of tines on the wings (vertical) 3 3
Number of cylinders 2 2
Price (excl. VAT) On request On request On request



Longer tines (1,40m instead of 0,98m)