For skid steer loader
For articulated loader
For tractor front loader
Suited for:
Straw, Hay
Loader brackets:

Bale Spike for loaders up to 3000kg

The STK-L is a fixed straw fork typically used on articulated and skid-steer loaders. The outer tines of the bale spike are centered at 1.10m distance. The top of the frame consists of 2 removable tubes. These can be placed in a high position, or in a low position, or even removed completely (useful when stacking under a ceiling).


Number of tines 3
Tine length /m 1,10
Tine end M22
Tine diameter /mm 36
Centre-to-centre dimension of the outer tines /m 1,10
Total width /m 1,20
Height of the frame* /m 1,00
Min. total height** /m 1,35
Max. total height*** /m 1,70
Price (excl. VAT) On request

*      If the removable tubes are removed

**    If the removable tubes are placed in the lowest position

***  If the removable tubes are placed in the highest position