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loader For forklift
loader For telehandler
loader For tractor front loader
loader For big wheel loader
Min oil flow:
40 L/Min
Max oil flow:
60 L/Min
Max Pressure:
175 Bar
Suited for:
Straw, Hay
Loader brackets:

Vertical straw and hay distributor for loaders over 3000kg

The SV2R is a vertical straw and hay distributor. This machine can be fully assembled according to the customer’s wishes. The smallest machine has a loading length of 1.25m, the largest has a loading length of 2.00m. As standard, the straw falls out at the bottom of the machine over a width of +/- 1.40m. As an option, the machine can be fitted with a conveyor belt to spread straw on the left and/or right. Another option are wide spreading discs. This spreads the straw over a width of 4-6m (depending on the oil flow).

Besides straw processing, this machine can also be used to feed hay.


  • Recommended for loaders with dead weight over 3 tons
  • Choice of loading lengths 1.25m (SV2R-1250), 2.00m (SV2R-2000) or 2.50m (SV2R-2500)
  • Straw/hay falls out of the machine at the bottom over a width of +/- 1,40m
  • 2 unloading rollers


SV2R-1250 SV2R-2000 SV2R-2500
Width /m 1,57 1,57 1,57
Height without conveyor belt /m 1,69 2,39 OA
Height with conveyor belt /m 2,21 2,91 OA
Weight without conveyor belt /kg 515 595 OA
Weight with conveyor belt /kg 715 795 OA
Max. dimensions square bales W x H x L /m 1,20×0,90×1,25 1,20×0,90×2,00 1,20×0,90×2,50
Price (excl. VAT) On request On request On request



Conveyor belt
Spreading discs (for spreading 3m to 6m wide)
Throw unit left side (for spreading 3m to 6m distances) - only in combination with conveyor belt
Hydraulic drain line (=3th connection) - recommended with conveyor belt / spreading discs