loader For tractor backlift
Min oil flow:
35 L/Min
Max oil flow:
75 L/Min
Max Pressure:
210 Bar
Suited for:

Straw Blower for tractors

The TSB-260 is a straw blower that has been specially developed for tractors. This straw blower has a loading length of 2.60m and can therefore handle whole bales at once (both square and round bales). The straw blower can be equipped with a fixed exhaust (V), which allows you to spread only near or far (15-20m depending on the oil flow). With a 300° rotating exhaust, you can also spread close to or far away, but then over a range of 300°. The machine has a rotating floor chain to regulate the straw supply to the turbine. The entire operation of the straw blower is done via a panel with levers that can be operated from the cabin (through the rear window). As an option, the straw blower can also be controlled with an electric joystick box built into the cab.


  • Selectable: fixed (V) or 300° rotatable (Z) straw exhaust
  • Carried on the 3-point linkage of the tractor (trailed on wheels = option)
  • Turbine mechanically driven with heavy duty gearbox with freewheel
  • 8 heavy-duty propeller blades on the flywheel in the turbine
  • Speed of the floor chain is infinitely adjustable
  • Mechanical operation via levers (electrical joystick box = option)


TSB-260V TSB-260V TSB-260Z TSB-260Z
Straw exhaust Fixed on right side Fixed on right side 300° rotating 300° rotating
Version Carried on 3-point linkage Trailed on wheels Carried on 3-point linkage Trailed on wheels
Width /m 1,89 2,10 1,73 2,06
Height /m 2,00 2,40 2,45 2,85
Length /m 2,86 3,82 2,86 3,82
Weight /kg 1380 1505 1420 1545
Max. dimensions round bales /m Ø 1,90
Max. dimensions square bales W x H x L /m 1,20×1,20×2,60
Blowing distance* /m 18 18 15 15
Required hp 100 50 100 50
Price (excl. VAT) On request On request On request On request

* Depending on oil flow rate and straw quality


Electrical operation via joystick box instead of mechanical operation
Raised front and sides
Extended frontdoor +30cm