For articulated loader
For telehandler
For big wheel loader
Min oil flow:
55 L/Min
Max oil flow:
125 L/Min
Max Pressure:
210 Bar
Suited for:
Straw, Hay
Loader brackets:

Straw Blower for loaders over 3000kg

This range of straw blowers is specially designed for heavy duty articulated loaders, bulldozers and telehandlers. The machines can be assembled completely according to the customer’s wishes. Fixed extensions can be chosen with loading lengths of 2.10m (A210) or 2.60m (A260). If the machine has to remain compact, a hydraulic frontdoor can be installed at the front of the machine. These have a loading length of 2.00m (HD200) or 2.50m (HD250). The straw exhaust can also be selected as required. With a fixed exhaust (V), you can spread only close or far (12-18m depending on the oil flow). With a 300° rotating exhaust, you can also spread close or far, but then over a range of 300°. Both square and round bales can be processed with these straw blowers. The machine is fully controlled via an electric joystick box in the cabin.


  • Selectable: fixed (V) or 300° rotatable (Z) straw exhaust
  • Hydraulically driven
  • 8 heavy-duty propeller blades on the flywheel in the turbine
  • Speed of the floor chain is infinitely adjustable
  • Electrical operation (joystick box)


Width /m 1,87 1,77 1,87 1,77 1,87 1,77 1,87 1,77
Height /m 1,95 2,25 1,95 2,25 1,95 2,25 1,95 2,25
Length /m 2,62 2,62 2,68 2,68 3,17 3,17 3,67 3,67
Weight / kg 1120 1180 1190 1250 1175 1250 1215 1300
Max. dimensions round bales /m Ø 1,80 Ø 1,80 Ø 1,80 Ø 1,80 Ø 1,80 Ø 1,80 Ø 1,80 Ø 1,80
Max. dimensions square bales W x H x L /m 1,20×1,20×2,00 1,20×1,20×2,00 1,20×1,20×2,50 1,20×1,20×2,50 1,20×1,20×2,10 1,20×1,20×2,10 1,20×1,20×2,60 1,20×1,20×2,60
Blowing distance* /m 18 15 18 15 18 15 18 15
Price (excl. VAT) On request On request On request On request On request On request On request On request

* Depending on oil flow rate and straw quality


  • Low blowing exhaust (overall height reduced by 23cm)
  • Raised front and sides